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The Gender Equality Paradox

In 2008, Norway was the number one country in gender equality according to a survey done by World Economic Forum.

The Gender Equality Paradox, produced in 2010, is the first episode of a Norwegian documentary series that questions how much of human behaviour is acquired through the social environment and how much of it is innate, i.e. acquired at birth. The documentary suggests that gender research in Norway has been ignoring studies that imply that male and female have behavioral differences that are innate.

The series sparked a debate in Norwegian society. In 2011, the Nordic Gender Institute, a resource- and information centre on gender research and gender equality, was closed down by the Norwegian government. Harald Eia, the author of the documentary series, was awarded a prize for promoting free speech.

The remaining six episodes of the series are available from here and are worth watching.

21st Century Man: The Way Forward (Video)

A stand-out session from the 2013 National Men's Health Gathering in Brisbane was the world-focus keynote discussion panel sponsored by the Australian Men's Health Forum, titled 21st Century Man: The Way Forward.

This discussion about the changing roles of men and boys is something Australia and the world have been waiting for – and is now available on YouTube.

Chaired by AMHF President, Julian Krieg, speakers included:

Watch the complete forum:

Watch excerpts:

Gary Misan:

Glen Poole:

Dr Arne Rubenstein:

Dr Warren Farrell:

Q & A:


Working with men and relationship issues - opportunities and challenges (Video)

Another highlight of the National Men's Health Gathering was the Men and Vulnerable Families Forum Plenary Session featuring presentations by Dr Warren Farrell (USA) and Glen Poole (UK). Titled Working with men and relationship issues – opportunities and challenges, this event explored many contemporary issues around men, fathers and relationships, and how to better support them.

The entire event, including an extensive Q & A session, filmed on Friday 25 October 2013 at 9am, is now available on YouTube.

Chaired by Andrew King from Groupwork Solutions, the two keynote speakers were:

Watch the complete event:

Watch excerpts:

Glen Poole:

Dr Warren Farrell:

Q & A: