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Ski For Life Report 2017


Ski for Life – 2017: End of Event Report

Report Prepared by Sue Watt

Download the PDF in a printable format here Ski for Life – 2017: End of Event Report

Ski for Life, 2017 can only be described as an ‘amazing event’ and such a testament to why we are doing what we are doing. The success of this year’s event would not have been possible without passion, enthusiasm and commitment of each of the 150 participants.

Promoting Mental Health, Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention is a topic that has been kept behind closed doors for way too long and this year’s event has create the momentum and the platform to enable communities to speak out and support each other as we again witnessed firsthand at the Ceremony in Cadell. I believe this had such a positive and significant impact on each and every one that was in attendance. We know that Ski for Life continues to change lives and our key message of ‘together we can make a difference’ will continue to be the catch phrase of Ski for Life.

Without the generous support of each of our own communities leading up to the event and the communities visited throughout the duration of the event Ski for Life would not be the success it was. This year’s event was again supported by SA Health who provided us with financial assistance, the Suicide Prevention Networks across the Murraylands and the Riverland and for the third consecutive year the StandBy Response team travelling each kilometre with us. StandBy Response is an organisation that respects, understands and supports the health and wellbeing of people bereaved by suicide and they offer this service to anyone regardless of where or when their loss occurred.

Skiing 450kms over three days is a challenge in itself and the more teams that become involved, the more challenging this becomes, but not once during this event did anyone complain, we were all there for the common cause of promoting mental health, wellbeing and suicide and this was exactly what every team member did so graciously.

It was great to see the teams promoting Ski for Life leading up to the event and the different fundraising events that took place. Whether this was Happy Hours, Auctions, people offering to shave their hair and/or beards for the cause or selling sausages to vegetarians it is commendable. The efforts thus far from all of the donations and fundraising is in excess of $25,000 and we are still receiving donations.

Funds raised enable Ski for Life to provide seed funding for the Menswatch Programs which cost in the vicinity of $5000.00 per program to deliver depending on the on costs such as travel etc. These programs are delivered through all male groups, as experience has shown that this is an ideal setting for male learning. The Menswatch programs have proven to be particularly effective in rural and remote communities, where the risk of suicide appears to be more prevalent.

We have put out a Post Event Survey to the participants where we welcome their feedback on the event. Without this feedback it makes it difficult to make continuous improvements and ensure that Ski for Life 2018 is bigger and better.

Again, thank you to everyone that was involved in this year’s event, whether you were a skier, road crew, supporter, catering team, service groups or a community member along the way, we couldn’t have completed this event without each and every one of you.

Thanks for the Memories – Ski for Life 2017


Ski For Life


Donations to Menwatch can be made by direct debit to:

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A/C: 1024 1487

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Our current fundraising initiative

There is not long to go before the third consecutive Ski for Life event kicks off on the 11th – 13th March, 2016.  Teams will be relay skiing 500kms from Murray Bridge to Renmark over the 5 days raising awareness and funds for the prevention of male suicide and depression.

Ski for Life is the grass roots fundraising component of the Australian Institute of Male Health & Studies.  Our fundraising is enabling us to set up Men’s Watch programs that empower participants with the skills to support and mentor our fellow men who are ‘doing it tough’ throughout rural and regional South Australia.

Thinking big, the initial group developed the concept of a 500km Ski Relay.  The Murray River was duly chosen as it would ensure targeting small rural communities where evidence shows that these are identified areas of need.

Local business’ and Service groups within your community are very generously supporting this event and it is this support that is ensuring the continuance of this event into the future.

We are thrilled to announce the support of StandBy Response who will be joining us for the duration of the event.  The Standby Response team responds to families, friends and associates who have been bereaved through suicide.

As people grieve in very different ways, StandBy can provide support and assistance whether it be immediately, weeks, months or years later.  They will be a valuable support to the communities along the duration of this year’s event and to the teams involved.  Standby service all of the South East, Riverland and Murraylands so it is a perfect collaboration for the future.

If you are one of the business’, Service Groups, Schools or sporting Committee’s that are supporting us, we thank you very much as ‘together we can make a difference’.

Should you wish to receive further information or can offer further support by way of donations or in-kind support, please do not hesitate to contact myself on either 0428 255122 or via email;

Click here to download a PDF schedule of where the teams will be at any given time during the event and we welcome any community support or if you are wishing to touch base with the StandBy Response team they will be available throughout the event or you can make arrangements for an appointment at a convenient time.

For further information please contact:

Sue Watt
Ski for Life
Event Coordinator
P.O. Box 2078

Download 2016 Ski for Life Schedule as PDF

Download Ski for Life 2016 Flyer as PDF.



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