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NMS Publishing

New Male Studies Publishing

Beginning in 2015, New Male Studies: An International Journal will be expanding its offerings and opportunities for authors in the area of male studies through the creation of a publishing arm: New Male Studies Publishing.

First scheduled publication

The first scheduled publication of NMS Publishing will be that of A New Male Studies Reader, edited by Dennis Gouws and Miles Groth. Forthcoming late 2015, the reader will be an anthology of articles already published in the NMS Journal as well a number of commissioned contributions representing all areas of male studies. The reader will be suitable for both undergraduate and graduate programs, and a general readership, with topics ranging from the psychology of boys and men to courses on men in literature and the arts.

Opportunities for new authors

Opportunities for new authors will be provided. Scholars and practitioners who are looking for an outlet for monograph studies in their discipline will be supported. The editorial staff will work closely especially with young authors to produce suitable manuscripts for publication.

As an international interdisciplinary publishing venture, NMS Publishing is eager to see into print work from around the world on all aspects of the experience of being male. Classics in the field of male studies will also be reprinted.

Authors are requested to contact Professor Miles Groth directly with publishing ideas and to obtain NMS Publishing criteria: milesgroth@aimhs.com.au.