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22 02 2018

Ski for Life events have been held over the long weekend in March for the last 6 years, and now start at Murray Bridge and finish at Renmark, a ski relay over 3 days.

22 02 2018

In this issue NMS again has an international cast of authors with submissions from the USA, the UK, New Zealand, Denmark and Germany.

22 02 2018

There has been confirmation that the NSW State Minster of Health with attend the WSU Situational Approach conference in March.

15 01 2018

The Australian Digital Health Agency has released an online Men's Health Toolkit.

07 11 2017

You Can Help Publishing provides an array of mental health resources; careful to select themes and subjects that are of most importance and practical value for potential readers.

07 11 2017

The papers outlining this new approach are a must-read for anyone concerned about the tragic continuing upward trend in suicide mortality, and our faltering and deeply troubled mental health system.

25 05 2017

The Australian Men's Health Forum has received funding from the Commonwealth Department of Health, enabling it to create the position Development Officer (men's health).

08 05 2017

150 participants took part in this year's Ski For Life fundraising campaign to enable Menswatch programs to be run across Australia.

04 05 2017

The latest issue of New Male Studies - An International Journal - Volume 6, Issue 1, 2017 has been published and is available for viewing on the NMS website.

24 04 2017

The Australian Institute of Male Health Studies in conjunction with Western Sydney University and Male Suicide Prevention Australia have published a document positing a fundamental paradgim shift toward suicide prevention is essential to better understanding and addressing the issue.

27 02 2017

In order to more effectively address the alarming rates and numbers of suicide deaths in Australia, Male Suicide Prevention Australia (MSPA) and the Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies have published several new documents that are designed in part to begin a process of changing the way we think, speak – and act – in suicide prevention and mental health promotion.

27 02 2017

The International Conference on Men's Issues (ICMI) is a series of annual conferences presented by AVfM Education, LLC dealing with social and legal issues that affect men and boys.

This year's conference is being held in Gold Coast, Australia.

23 01 2017

The purpose of this document is to help clarify some of the confusion and ambiguity that exists in suicide prevention work, especially in relation to two key areas - the place of mental health in suicide protection and activity as it relates to men.

23 01 2017

Male Suicide Prevention Australia was established to pursue an evidenced based approach to male suicide prevention. It is funded by and operates under the auspices of the Australia Institute of Male Health and Studies (AIMHS).

23 01 2017

The new issue of New Male Studies is now on-line and comprises a Special Issue containing selected papers from the the 3rd Annual Male Psychology Conference, Mud huts, haircuts and high school dropouts, held at the University College, London in June 2016.

06 12 2016

'New Male' National Male Health Conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, 18-40 Anderson Road Parramatta, Sydney on March 2nd and 3rd 2017.

01 12 2016

New Male Studies: An International Journal (NMS) inaugurates its monograph series with the essay Sex Difference Explained From DNA to Society: Purging Gene Copy Errors, by independent British researcher Steve Moxon.

09 11 2016

The dates are set for Ski For Life 2017; 10th -12th March. Expression of Interest forms are now available.

09 11 2016
Commencing as a prostate cancer clinic the concept of a public hospital for men rapidly broadened due to how many other health issues are involved with this disease. It now treats a range of male problems.

15 08 2016

The growing number of people sleeping rough in cars, couch surfing or in temporary accommodation is alarming support services across Australia.

14 08 2016

The Federal Government has withdrawn ongoing funding from Andrology Australia.

28 07 2016

A collaborative program between UniSA, the University of Adelaide, National Centre for Farmer Health and the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Men’s Health has developed a world-first online mental health program targeted at farmers.

28 07 2016

The 2016 Men's Health Business Breakfast will be held on Wed 7th September 2016 from 7:15 AM to 9:00 AM (ACST) in the Ian McLachlan Room, Level 3 Adelaide Oval, Memorial Drive
North Adelaide, SA.

28 07 2016

The Community Alliance Program is designed to help communities pull together and develop their own strategies to provide effective support for men who may be experiencing acute psychological distress.

14 06 2016

Willo's Men's Shed in Gawler, South Australia is holding an Open Day and Mini Expo to promote the health needs of men during Men’s Health Week 2016 on Sunday 16th June from 1pm to 4pm.


09 06 2016

Katy Gallagher - Opposition spokesperson on Mental Health has highlighted the need to better utilise mental health funding to address suicide and suicidality.

19 05 2016

beyondblue in partnership with Monash University have released a phone app for indivduals to access when experiencing difficult times.

09 04 2016
AIMHS has been successful in receiving grant monies to conduct the Menswatch Peer Support Training Program into other areas of significant need beyond SA.

14 03 2016
The Ski For Life Campaign was again successfully held to raise awareness of the issue of male suicide in our communities.

15 02 2016

Rural males face unique stressors including lifestyle related issues which can lead to suicide. These Guidelines are designed as a resource to support health/mental health practitioners, NGOs, other services and researchers to develop suicide prevention strategies that are appropriate for rural men.

07 02 2016

The first in a series of position papers, Male Health in Australia: a Call for Action has been published by the Australian Men's Health Forum.

07 02 2016

Preventing Suicide in Indigenous Communities: Essential Reading for Those Who Aim to Make a Difference

19 01 2016

The final issue of New Male Studies for 2015 has been published.

NMS welcomes submissions. Submission Guidelines are available here.

01 01 2016

Small grants application successful from Bank SA Foundation.

01 01 2016

National Guidelines for Male Suicide Prevention: Guidelines for Funding Bodies of Research and Program Design

23 11 2015

Menswatch suite of services and plans for 2016 are now summarised in a new Review.

23 11 2015

Reflecting the most up-to-date thinking on this topic, this resource is a must for every parent, teacher, youth worker, and health professional dealing with teenagers.

26 10 2015

Kevin A Hassett piece on suicide discusses community based theories on the subject.

28 09 2015

AIMHS has released National Program Guidelines for Male Suicide Prevention.

18 09 2015

The message of R U OK may be well known now; however, few people may be aware of the campaign's origins.

17 08 2015

Deakin University School of Psychology researchers are conducting a world first study investigating men’s work, family life and mental health.

03 08 2015

AIMHS has compiled a booklet to provide easy to read accurate information for communities, employers, and the broad range of organisations and professionals concerned about male suicide.

03 08 2015

New services are soon to be offered under the well-known banner of Menswatch.

12 07 2015

The Gender Equality Paradox, produced in 2010, is the first episode of a Norwegian documentary series that questions how much of human behaviour is acquired through the social environment and how much of it is innate, i.e. acquired at birth.

11 07 2015

"Fat Farmers" provides farmers with the motivation to set a fitness goal and develop social networks in the process.

08 07 2015

The ABC reports many Japanese people (mostly men) are locking themselves in their bedrooms  - sometimes for years.

23 05 2015

SAPOL has released two documents canvassing suicide rates among different age groups and populations from 1989 to 2013.

01 03 2015

The Ski for Life Campaign commences from Wellington SA Wednesday 4th March.

24 02 2015

With less than a week to go before the third consecutive Ski for Life event kicks off on the 4th – 8th March, 2015.  Teams will be relay skiing 500kms from Wellington to Renmark over the 5 days raising awareness and funds for the prevention of male suicide and depression.

11 02 2015

Facts about male suicide with accompanying guidelines for research and prevention available via AIMHS website.

19 01 2015

The December 2014 edition of the Menswatch newsletter is available via the AIMHS website.

19 01 2015

A Facebook post by NSW Police has sparked a social media debate on the prevalence of male victims of domestic violence.

04 12 2014

The Ski For Life Fundraising campaign will be held from March 4th to 8th in 2015.

20 11 2014

Researchers at Macquarie University are investigating preferences for depression treatments.

10 11 2014

Macquarie University are undertaking a study on depression treatment preferences.

04 11 2014

New men's health publications available from Men's Health Information and Resource Centre, Western Sydney.

12 10 2014

The new 12-part radio series Creative Male Ageing commences on PBAFM in Adelaide on Monday evening 29 September, and repeated Friday morning 03 October.

28 09 2014

The highly successful Menswatch program's July newsletter is available on the AIMHS website.

11 08 2014

Significant changes will soon become evident on the AIMHS website, reflecting our strategic direction for coming years, including a major emphasis on New Male Studies focussed initiatives.

22 07 2014

Professor Miles Groth has been appointed as a member of the Directorate of the Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies.

22 06 2014

Australian National University, in conjunction with BeyondBlue and Movember, are holding a workshop on Fatherhood and Men's Mental Health.

22 06 2014

Country North SA Medicare Local has just signed a service agreement with AIMHS to supply seed funding for 6 Menswatch group training programs to be run across the CNSAMCL region of South Australia.

04 06 2014

A recent Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association newsletter featured an article on the negative health impact of industry closure in regional Victoria.

24 04 2014

A new 18-part radio and internet project, produced at PBA FM in Adelaide, South Australia commences next week.

24 04 2014

Anthony Smith contributes an article which canvasses the recent research policy and practice around men, unemployment and suicide.

02 03 2014

AIMHS introduces social health commentary and opinion pieces.

19 02 2014

'A Breath of Fresh Air' - the Duchenne Foundation is holding a symposium at the Jasper Hotel, Melbourne 0n March 29th 2014.

19 02 2014

In 2008, Norway was the number one country in gender equality according to a survey done by World Economic Forum.

10 02 2014

Prepared by Dr John Ashfield & Anthony Smith, Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies, a new resource on suicide is available.

22 01 2014

One of the highlights of the 2013 National Men's Health Gathering in Brisbane was the Men and Vulnerable Families Forum Plenary Session featuring presentations by Dr Warren Farrell (USA) and Glen Poole (UK).

15 01 2014

All 15 programs in the Living Outback project are scheduled for a repeat broadcast commencing Monday 13 January.

15 01 2014

Information for the Professional Certificate in Male Health and Male Health Promotion is available on the University of South Australia's website.

30 12 2013

Several places will are available in 2014 to overseas students or graduates who wish to undertake research into male health and related topics under the supervision of experienced researchers at the University of South Australia.

10 11 2013

Men's Health Australia has published the forum discussion '21st Century Man: The Way Forward' from the recent National Men's Health Gathering.

03 11 2013

Individuals interested in commencing graduate courses in male studies can now express their interest online.

22 10 2013

UniSA in association with AIMHS will be offering Graduate Courses in Male Studies commencing in February of 2014.

05 09 2013

New Male Studies: An International Journal (NMS)  is an open access interdisciplinary journal for research and discussion of issues affecting men and boys worldwide.

02 09 2013

The book Relationships, Separation & Divorce addresses a wide range of relationship problems and provides basic legal information on separation and divorce.

25 08 2013

The University of South Australia in collaboration with Country North SA Medicare Local will be conducting research on the management of men with depression and alcohol misuse in the Mid-North of South Australia.

25 08 2013

Six of the fifteen programs in the Living Outback radio series are directly relevant to men’s health and wellbeing issues in rural and remote Australia.

18 07 2013

In this, the final program in the Living Outback series, PBA FM’s Tony Ryan interviews Peter Kenyon, Director, Bank of Ideas. Successes of industry and enterprise are to be found in some of the most unlikely places. Some enterprises in rural and remote communities are flourishing in spite of isolation, harsh conditions, and seemingly limited opportunities. Are there things to be learned from these examples that could help other communities thrive and shape a new future for themselves?

16 07 2013

In this program, the focus is on the mental health and wellbeing of men and boys – see also earlier programs 8 and 9. Services in rural and remote communities are thin on the ground to say the least. Even in some of the best-serviced communities health professionals only turn up once a month and have full waiting lists.

15 07 2013

The Centre for Regional Engagement of the University of South Australia (UniSA) is pleased to announce the first Male Studies Graduate Fellowships in association with the Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies. These fellowships afford overseas graduates the opportunity to gain research experience in Australia in the field of Male Studies.

15 07 2013

The tree-change and sea change phenomena can be something of a mixed blessing. Country living offers many benefits for people sick of the stress and demands of city life. But rural life is not just fresh air and wide open spaces, it can challenge long held notions of privacy, convenience, and status, and may demand significant personal change and adjustment.

10 06 2013

Getting an education in rural and remote Australia.

04 06 2013

Thoughtful and thought provoking article by Glen Poole from The Good Men Project.

02 06 2013

How a special breed of women survive ands thrive in rural and remote Australia.

30 05 2013

The tragedy and legacy of male suicide in rural Australia.

30 05 2013

How alcohol has become the silent killer of rural males.

30 05 2013

How the Issue of Succession is Affecting Families in Rural Australia.

05 05 2013

With International Men's Health week fast approaching (10th - 16th June) copies of the acclaimed book 'Matters for Men' are available via AIMHS.

05 05 2013

Much is assumed about how people are benefiting or, on the other hand, being affected by the mining and resources boom, but do we really know what is happening?

05 05 2013

NMS is an open access online interdisciplinary journal for research and discussion of issues facing boys and men worldwide. AIMHS is proud to support NMS and announce the online publication of Volume 2, Issue #2.

05 05 2013

Fewer females are staying in rural and remote communities – leaving young men desirous of staying on the land, with the difficult prospect of finding partners in a diminishing pool of potential females– a grim prospect indeed. Far from being a humorous issue, this is an issue affecting the mental health and future of rural males on the land.

05 05 2013

So what does the research tell us about the health of farmers and rural communities around Australia?  How safe are farms as workplaces? And what of the health and wellbeing of farming men, especially in times of drought, flood and fire?

05 05 2013

2013 sees New Male Studies featuring an Interview Series.

16 04 2013

Professor Dean Carson introduces a program in which Living Outback looks at the The Lived Experience; how every town, every settlement, every community experiences change in different ways.

06 04 2013

Part of the Learning Works community learning strategy, PBA FM in Adelaide is undertaking the Living Outback project.

23 03 2013

AIMHS consultant and editor of the New Male Studies Journal, Dr Miles Groth, was consulted for an article in 'Front Page Mag' recently.

23 03 2013

The Nordic Council of Ministers  has acted to de-fund the NIKK Nordic Gender Institute

06 03 2013

The Ski For Life fundraising event is fast approaching - meet the Action Group below

03 03 2013

New Male Studies Bulletin; a bimonthly selection of recent news reports on men's issues.

04 02 2013

NMS is an open access online interdisciplinary journal for research and discussion of issues facing boys and men worldwide. AIMHS is proud to support NMS and announce the online publication of Volume 2, Issue #1. For more information on articles and authors, click below.

04 02 2013

With the commencement of 2013 AIMHS is introducing some changes and additions to its personnel to further develop the organisation and its capacity to assist men and boys.

15 10 2012

AIMHS is pleased to announce that it has accepted The Men’s Network of Brighton-Hove, United Kingdom, as a new Associate.

29 07 2012

The award winning Men in Communities Program is now available under the new name of, Menswatch.

31 05 2012
Advances in the treatment and research of inherited neuromuscular conditions, October 4-6 2012, Bond University Gold Coast.

28 05 2012
NMS is an open access online interdisciplinary journal for research and discussion of issues facing boys and men worldwide. AIMHS is proud to support NMS and announce the online publication of issue #2. For more information on articles and authors, click below.

13 04 2012
The conference to be held at Wagner College, Staten Island, New York, will be attended by invited academics and educators from Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States.

13 03 2012
Interesting and informative podcast interviews, these were kindly prepared and introduced by Tony Ryan, AIMHS Media Consultant.

18 01 2012

Starting in February & April 2012 Practitioner Accreditation Training will consist of two weekend intensives. Click more for all the details.

19 12 2011

NMS is an open access online journal publication, providing a much needed new forum for thinking intelligently about what it means to be male.

18 12 2011

The latest men’s health program to be endorsed by the Institute is ‘Dad to Dad’ – a weekend devised for the fathers of children with a disability.

09 12 2011

If you are a male seeking healthy lifestyle advice or assistance with a personal, family, relationship, or mental health issue, that’s what this service is designed to offer. For more detailed information, please Click Here.

24 10 2011

From August – December 2011 the University of South Australia’s Centre for Rural health and Community Development (based in Whyalla) in association with AIMHS is hosting two young overseas graduates, each of whom is undertaking a three month male health research internship.

For more information and photographs, click below.

23 10 2011

The Men and Sheds program, broadcast on PBA FM in Adelaide in Learning Works on Monday 7 March, has gained second place in the Radio – Best Current Affairs segment/series, in the 2011 OPSO Media Awards, presented in Brisbane on Monday evening.

Full details of the national awards can be found in PDF format here.

The awards this year attracted 1500 entries from around Australia. Thanks are due to David Helmers, Executive Officer of the Australian Men’s Shed Association and Professor Barry Golding, University of Ballarat, and to the great people who agreed to be interviewed in the Community/Men’s Shed at the Aldinga Community Centre, south of Adelaide.

You can listen to these great interviews as podcasts on the Learning Works Radio wesbite here.

As always, without the willing participation of committed and passionate people in the adult community education sector, and support from the SA Government, this and other programs in the Learning Works initiative would never have been possible.

19 09 2011

Rob Koch

History was made recently with the formation of Male Health Victoria, a new organisation to promote the health and wellbeing of men and boys.

Following an exploratory forum held to gauge interest in forming a collaborative network for those involved in men’s health promotion, it took just ten weeks to the Formation Meeting with both individual and organisation members engaging with the new body.

Its objectives include:

• advocating to the Victorian Government for better resourcing of men’s and boys’ health programs and services;

• facilitating interaction between individuals and organisations working in the field;

• supporting regional and rural service development; creating and disseminating information;

• facilitating the sharing of programs and resources; • providing professional development opportunities;

• liaising with equivalent interstate and national organisations

To read on, click More below.

13 09 2011

AIMHS Director of Education and Clinical Practice, Dr John Ashfield, was recently invited to give a keynote address at a SA Rural and Remote Psychology Conference, organised by the Australian Psychological Society.

In his address, Engaging More Effectively with Men in Rural Mental Health, Dr Ashfield noted that psychology "has traditionally been committed to an evidence based endeavour, and is well placed to bring much needed intelligence and balance to a gender discourse so often bedevilled by ideology".

08 09 2011

DuchenneThe Duchenne Foundation was established in 2003 with the aim of: Using national and international collaboration, to improve the treatment, quality of life and long-term outlook for families affected by DMD and BMD through research, education and advocacy.

The Foundation expects to support one or more projects up to a total of $100,000 between 2012 - 2013.

For more information, or to apply using the online form, please visit the Duchenne Foundation website.

07 09 2011

Solutions for Men Telehealth Service will soon be operating in the Mid North of South Australia, based in the medical centres of: Jamestown, Peterborough, Booleroo Centre, and Orroroo.

02 08 2011

Recently AIMHS has assessed and successfully endorsed two new programs.

We are proud to award "The Odyssey Program (Australia): In-school workshops for boys", and "MAN Model of Men’s Health Promotion (Australia)".

12 07 2011

AIMHS inaugural Symposium, recently staged at the Adelaide Convention Centre, titled: Boyhood to Manhood: Difficulties and Challenges of Transition, provided a unique opportunity for participants to hear world class presentations (from local and overseas speakers), and to engage in discussion of issues of vital important to the health and well-being of boys.

Local and interstate delegates from a broad variety of professional sectors (education, police, health, welfare, youth services) attended the Symposium, which made possible a stimulating exchange of ideas.

11 06 2011
AIMHS has recently been granted deductible gift recipient status (DGR) by the Australian Taxation Office, which means that, it is entitled to receive income tax deductible gifts and deductible contributions.

04 06 2011
Several new people have recently joined us at AIMHS and will be assisting us through a range of specialised roles. Click more for full details.

19 05 2011
The Executive of Men’s Health South Australia has decided to give the organisation new energy and direction by becoming a Division of the Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies, integrated within its governance structure.

02 05 2011

Want to get serious about promoting male health? AIMHS has just produced a complete Male Health Promotion Kit - the first of its kind in Australia. The whole kit is portable and versatile and will equally suit, use in waiting areas, foyers, at field days and health expos.

29 03 2011

New Male Studies: An International Journal will be an open access online interdisciplinary journal for research and discussion of issues facing boys and men worldwide.

05 02 2011

June 24th (Friday), 2011 in Adelaide.
Subject: ‘From Boyhood to Manhood: Difficulties and Challenges of Transition’
Note this date in your diary and register for our inaugural Adelaide Symposium.