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Understanding and Working more effectively with Men

Staff training and professional development

There is much about men, their experience, way of coping, communicating, and dealing with personal and interpersonal problems, that is still shrouded in mystery. Drawing on a broad range of recent insights and evidence, this program opens up a whole new field of knowledge of crucial importance to anyone working with males, or needing to engage them or communicate with them effectively and respectfully.

Who is the program for?


    • What is the program about?

      Part 1

      Men, women, and difference

      We now know that any definition of what it is to be male or female that is disconnected from biological reality is quite misleading and profoundly unhelpful – because it simply doesn’t fit with the lived experience of men’s and women’s lives, or the complexities they encounter in everyday relationships. And though differences between men and women are not profound, at the group level they are not only statistically significant, but do profoundly affect individual experience and relationships, as well as fundamentally shaping the nature of our cultural and social lives.

      In this module, we will consider the relationship between human biology and behaviour, the imperatives of reproduction and survival, and just how crucial the behavioural differences between men and women have been - and continue to be in support of these imperatives.

      Practical implications will be considered throughout, with time for discussion and questions.


      Part 2

      Gender, masculinity and manhood

      Because explanations of gender that emphasise only social learning and conditioning, have needed to fill in all the gaps that a denial of the role of biology has created, they also represent a distortion of cultural reality, and have little or no practical value – except to justify the now waning influence of certain gender politics.

      This module offers an evidence based way of making sense of the particular ways in which men are socially conditioned and compelled to perform certain roles, but for very different reasons to those asserted by gender ideologues. The module creates a whole new basis for understanding male experience, and the relationship between gender, masculinity, and manhood.

      Practical implications will be considered throughout, with time for discussion and questions.

      To enquire about cost, or to book a training program email Anthony Smith:

  • Part 1 (3 hours)

    Suitable for all staff who may benefit from a better understanding of how to engage and communicate more effectively with men

    Part 1 & 2 (6 hours)

    Suitable for those who want a broader knowledge and understanding, in order to apply it to a key or professional role in working with men, or needing to communicate effectively with men