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About the Program:

This program uses the unique setting of an all-male group to engage men in learning new knowledge and skills, and gaining confidence in supporting other men with: Personal issues and crises, relationship difficulties, mental health problems, separation, and grief.

The program is conducted through all-male groups because experience has shown that they are an ideal setting for male learning, and for psychologically and culturally ‘safe’ self-disclosure and interpersonal sharing of experience.

It is based on many years of experience and success in working effectively with men from a wide range of backgrounds. The program has proven particularly effective in rural and remote communities and with men that often have little familiarity with human service concepts or with human psychology and concepts of mental health.

Program Unique Features:

  • The program is delivered by men for men
  • Develops sustainable networks of men committed to supporting other men
  • Promotes early intervention, support and referral
  • Clarifies pathways to professional support when needed
  • Builds the capacity of key male ‘mental health and wellbeing mentors’ in communities & organisations
  • Helps to reduce risk of male suicide

Some Important Facts:

  • One out of every six men are affected by depression
  • Most men have no contact with the mental health system
  • Men in crisis are often left unsupported
  • 78% of completed suicides are men
  • Mental health services cater poorly for men
  • When a man is in real trouble, he’ll most likely talk to one of his male friends

Proven Track Record:

Over 1,500 South Australian men have completed the program.
The program was awarded the SA Government, 2009 Dr Margaret Tobin Award for Excellence in Community Mental Health Education.
The program has undergone formal evaluation by McGregor Tan Research.

Days consist of: Presentation of modules, group discussion, and time for participant's questions and comments.

Modules for Menswatch - Peer Support Training - 2 Days or Three Evenings

Topic Modules

More than the Blues:
Depression, what it is, and what can be done about it
Depression can become a debilitating condition of mental ill-health. This module explores various types of depression, its symptoms, its treatment, and how simple self-help measures can really help recovery.

Stressed Out:
Stress, what it is and why it needs to be managed
Stress is more than a feeling, it consists of a range of body system changes, which, if occurring for too long can cause significant physical and mental ill-health. This module focuses on the nature of stress, and how it can be effectively managed.

When Men Feel Trapped and Overwhelmed:
Antidotes for powerlessness
Men who experience sustained powerlessness can have very poor mental health outcomes and are more susceptible to suicide. This module explores why men are vulnerable to powerlessness, and constructive ways of overcoming it.

Principles and Strategies for Helping:
Taking an informed approach
In this module participants are guided through a whole series of practical principles and strategies for working safely and effectively with others affected by personal, relationship, or mental health issues..

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Helping Others:
Setting boundaries and taking care of yourself
Helping others can be a personally taxing and demanding role. This module addresses important considerations and practical strategies of self-care and self-management for helpers.

Gender Matters:
Men, women, and difference
Fundamental to any helping role is understanding differences between men and women - particularly in the way they deal with emotion, communicate, problem solve, and run into difficulties with their mental health. This module deals with the issue of gender in a way that is useful and practical for helpers.

Time to Grieve:
What grief is and ways to survive it
There are many losses that give rise to grief in our lives, and grief can be source of profound emotional upheaval. This module provides clear insight into the nature of grief, how men tend to grieve, and some important principles of self-healing and recovery.

Men and Separation:
How to readjust and manage emotionally
Men experiencing separation are often thrown into painful emotional turmoil, and may feel ill-equipped to know how to deal with its demands and challenges. This module focuses on how men can survive separation, keep their mental health intact, and go on to reshape and adapt their lives to new circumstances.

* For more information or to book a Menswatch program in your area or for your organisation contact:

Anthony Smith – Programs Coordinator,  Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies.