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Organising Committee: Menswatch Programs and Ski for Life Fundraising

Jane Kellock

Dr. John Ashfield


Sue Watt (Key contact for Ski for Life)


What we are about:

  • Raising public awareness about and encouraging public support for activities of preventative male mental health and suicide prevention
  • Raising funds and sponsor support for running our Menswatch programs which include:
  • - Counselling and Mental Health Support for men and their partners

    - Male Peer Support Training for key men in communities and organisations

    - Gender Matters, staff in-service training and professional development focusing on: understanding and working more effectively with male clients

  • Putting preventative mental health and suicide prevention back in community hands, by providing Seed Funding for, and engaging with local communities for them to host male Peer Support Training.

For more information contact:

* Key contact for Menswatch programs

Anthony Smith

Email address:

Phone: 0408 452 272


* Key contact for Ski for Life Fundraising Event

Sue Watt

Email address:

Phone: 0428 255 122