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This service is offered by telephone or using online videoconferencing

We assist men with:

  • Personal
  • Relationship
  • Family &
  • Mental health issues

- We also cater for female partners and for women concerned about male loved ones

- Session fees can be reduced for men unable to pay full fees (see information on the back)

- Appointments can be made quickly (usually within 24 hours), but we are not a 24/7 crisis service

- No Doctor’s referral is necessary

- All our counsellors and mental health practitioners are fully qualified professionals and specialise in working with men

Session Fees:

If you need an appointment and you are unable to pay the full fee, please decide how much you can afford to pay (select below), and simply quote the code when making your appointment. This is an honesty system, so no questions will be asked about your capacity to pay.

Each session costs Menswatch $120 per hour to offer. We do not currently receive any ongoing government funding (we depend on sponsors, donations and grants), so please, pay what you can.

Code Amount

F1 - Our Cost


F2 - Subsidised


F3 - Subsidised


F4 - Subsidised


To make an appointment:

Paul Baker

Mobile: 0432 071 005



For inquiries:

Sharon Maree Crafter


Mobile: 0439 692 975


Service Information:


Counsellors draw on a broad range of knowledge and skills, in providing help with basic or complex and difficult personal, family, relationship, or mental health issues.

Counselling is all about listening to you and understanding your experience. It is also about supporting you with the most relevant information, knowledge, strategies – so that you can make sense of your experience or difficulty, focus on what can be done, start to make more informed decisions, and get on with really helpful problem solving and change.

Mental Health Support

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect that you might be struggling with symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, or some other mental health difficulty, we can provide you with the kind of ongoing support that may help with your recovery – support that may not be available from any other source.

It may be that your doctor has prescribed medication to assist you with your condition. We can complement this treatment by providing the additional counselling, therapy, or support needed to assist with your recovery.

Male Focussed Service

If you are a male seeking support or assistance with a mental health issue, you will need a practitioner that appreciates your issues and experience from a uniquely male point of view. You can select a practitioner with recognised experience and a track record for working respectfully and effectively with male clients. Your need for strict privacy can also be catered for, because of our use of telephone or online videoconferencing. You can keep your private life exactly that – private. And there is no longer any need for you to be on public display in a waiting room while waiting for an appointment. You can also secure an appointment time that doesn’t require you to take time off work.

Getting Help Early is Important

“Prevention is better than cure” – always applies. It’s much better to tackle problems as early as possible. Waiting until a problem becomes overwhelming can not only take much more time and effort to remedy, but can also cause unnecessary suffering along the way.

We do cater for men’s female partners and for women concerned about male loved ones

Often, female partners/wives/mothers need to talk to a male counsellor because of concerns they have about their partner, son, father, or another male in their lives.

This service will also provide counselling and psychological therapy to men’s female partners/wives - with the same professional dedication and concern as for male clients. We offer the option to female clients to have appointments with a female counsellor/psychotherapist if requested. Offering this service recognises that the health and wellbeing of men and women is inseparable and that particularly in the event of relationship difficulties, it may be needful to engage both partners in counselling and therapy.

Credentials of our Practitioners

Our counselling, psychotherapy, and mental health practitioners have extensive training and experience, and have achieved excellence in their field. All are registered health professionals with either the: Australian Psychological Society, the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, the Australian Association of Social Workers (or another approved professional body), all have also undergone a mandatory police clearance check, are familiar with mandatory reporting responsibilities, and carry their own professional indemnity insurance.

Frequently asked questions

What do you do to protect my privacy?

Every effort will be made to maintain strict confidentiality, and to protect your right to privacy. No information about your personal circumstances will be passed on to another professional or agency without your permission (accept where there is a legal requirement to do so).

Session notes kept by practitioners (for recalling previous sessions and important information) are kept securely in digital form. Practitioners are governed by strict ethical and confidentiality principles under their registration and professional membership requirements.

Should I see my GP first?

If you have a medical problem or health concern and you sense that this may be affecting your emotional or psychological well-being, see your GP first.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No you don’t. However, it may be helpful if your doctor knows that you have sought psychotherapy, relationship counselling/therapy, or mental health support.

How many sessions will be needed?

With psychotherapy or relationship counselling/therapy two or three intensive sessions may be needed to make significant progress. After these initial sessions, shorter periodic ‘maintenance’ or half sessions may be recommended. Remember, this is entirely up to each individual client to choose.

With mental health support, sessions may need to be ongoing, but may be short in duration once some initial sessions have been conducted.


* We are not a 24/7 crisis service, though we can generally arrange an appointment within 24 hours

If you are in a CRISIS click the button to find after hours HELPLINES