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Rural Health Initiative

Fat Farmers

The Fat Farmers – Rural Health Initiative was started in 2010 by a small group of farmers from Maitland, Yorke Peninsula, SA who recognised that they needed to get more active as farm work alone was not providing them with enough exercise to stay healthy. The group started training at the local gym and participating in the annual City-Bay Fun Run from Adelaide to Glenelg. In 2015, the initiative spread beyond Yorke Peninsula and connected with other farmers across South Australia. Fat Farmers teams are now located throughout South Australia and include farmers from diverse production areas and cater for a variety of fitness levels and ages – basically everyone working in/with agriculture is welcome to join Fat Farmers! Fat Farmers groups have raised over $7,000 towards the delivery of the Menswatch program in communities in South Australia, showing their commitment towards caring for their communities. Keeping physically active is vital to maintaining good psychological wellbeing, hence AIMHS is supporting the Fat Farmers initiative as it grows and develops.

Visit the Fat Farmers website: Fat Farmers