New Male Studies

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Professor Jon Jureidini, MB, BS, FRANZCP, PhD
Head of the Department of Psychological Medicine, Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide; Senior Research Fellow, Department of Philosophy, Flinders University; Professor of Psychiatry and Paediatrics, University of Adelaide.
Dr Craig Garfield, MD, MAPP
Departments of Pediatrics and Medical Social Science, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL USA

Professor Miles Groth
Department of Psychology, Wagner College, Staten Island, New York
Professor Alan White
Professor of Men’s Health, Faculty of Health, Leeds Metropolitan University, Britain
Professor Robert Goldney
Emeritus Professor, Discipline of Psychiatry, University of Adelaide
Dr Tony Lian-Lloyd
Rural Medical Practitioner, Chairman, Flinders and Far North Division of General Practice
Professor Jack McLean
Centre for Automotive Safety Research, University of Adelaide, South Australia
Professor Rafael Locke
Department of Perceptual Studies, School of Psychiatry, University of Virginia, USA

Dr Abraham Francis
Lecturer, School of Arts and Social Sciences, James Cook University, Queensland
Dr Keith Miller
Lecturer, School of Social Administration and Social Work, Flinders University, South Australia
Dr John Raftery
Psychologist, author, and academic, South Australia
Professor Dean Carson
Director of Research & Professor of Rural and Remote Research, Flinders University Rural Clinical School, Flinders NT, Poche Centre for Indigenous Health
Dr Nick Foster
Psychologist, Manager of Academic Products and Services, Open Universities Australia