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DirectorJohn Ashfield

Dr John Ashfield PhD

Dr Ashfield is widely recognised for his innovative work and writing in the fields of male psychology and mental health, and is the author of eight books and numerous articles and essays. He was awarded the SA Great Health Award, and the Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Community Rural Health and Wellbeing Award for his contribution to preventative mental health. The Men in Communities Program, a State-wide program funded by the South Australian Government, and designed by Dr Ashfield, was awarded The Doctor Margaret Tobin Award, for excellence in mental health education and promotion.

His experience in working with men from a broad range of backgrounds spans over twenty years. As a psychotherapist and mental health practitioner, he has worked in private practice, government and public sector primary care and hospital settings.

Dr Ashfield has been a pioneer of post-graduate clinical education in psycho-social palliative care; he has held a number of senior academic, government consultancy, and clinical appointments, and was the founder of a community aid and development organisation in Chennai, India. He has been a high-profile advocate for improved mental health in rural and remote communities, and has written many informative articles on the subject for newspapers, magazines, and online media.

Currently, Dr Ashfield is focussed on critiquing and developing alternative perspectives on mental health and suicide prevention. He is also a Director of and Editor for the human service publishing company, YouCanHelp.


DirectorMiles Groth

Dr Miles Groth PhD

Dr Miles Groth, PhD, is full professor of Psychology at Wagner College, in New York City. He is former department Chairman and Director of the Honor’s Program there. He has been in private practice as a psychotherapist since 1985. Dr Groth founded the Men’s Centre for Research at the Wagner College ten years ago and edited Engaging College Men: Discovering What Works and Why (2010).

Dr Groth has hosted two international conferences on male studies on campus since 2006, and is former editor of The International Journal of Men’s Health. He was founding editor of Thymos: Journal of Boyhood Studies and New Male Studies, the scholarly journal for AIMHS. He founded the first online site for university and college men’s centres. Dr Groth has spoken on men’s and boys’ issues in Australia, Canada, and the States.

He is the author of four books and several dozen articles in the areas of boys’ and men’s well-being, psychoanalysis, existential psychology, and philosophy. Educated in philosophy, psychology and literature, he has taught undergraduates since 1972 and, in recent years, was visiting lecturer on psychodynamic psychology for residents in psychiatry at the Richmond University Medical Centre, on Staten Island, New York. His current scholarly interests include male studies, psychotherapy and existential philosophy. He is a recognised specialist in the philosophy of Martin Heidegger. Avid for travel, Dr Groth is a regular visitor to Venice, where he planning to host an international conference on male studies at Venice International University in 2017.

Dr Groth is a pianist, a fan of the New York Philharmonic and the dance group Pilobolus.



Dr Dennis Gouws PhD

Dr Dennis Gouws PhD

Dr Dennis Gouws is Professor of English at Springfield College in Massachusetts, U.S.A. and a Lecturer in English at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, U.S.A. He has resident status in Australia, and lives in Canberra for several months of the year, working with Australian colleagues in the fields of male health and male studies.

His recent publications include "Orientalism and David Hockney’s Cavafy Etchings: Exploring a Male-Positive Imaginative Geography” in The International Journal of the Arts in Society. (Vol. 6.6, 2012); “Boys and Men Reading Shakespeare’s 1 Henry 4: Using Service-Learning Strategies to Accommodate Male Learners and to Disseminate Male-Positive Literacy” in Academic Service-Learning across Disciplines: Models, Outcomes, and Assessment (2012).

He is also author of the article “The New Victorian Gentleman in George Eliot’s Adam Bede” in New Male Studies: An International Journal. (Vol. 1.1, 2012).


Ken Rogers


Ken Rogers

Ken has extensive experience working in Federal and State Government, performing a range of senior managerial and leadership roles centred around Change and Organisational Development. In 2013 Ken established Ken Rogers Coaching (KRC), a boutique coaching company that focuses on leadership development, coaching, change management, training and organisational transformation. KRC’s purpose is to provide clients with the insights they need to achieve sustainable results, particularly “when clarity is important”.

Ken is particularly interested supporting men through a range of issues, and notes that men appreciate a coaching approach to goal and issue resolution. Ken is especially interested in the impact that Anger has on Men, the consequences that split second emotional decisions can have on themselves and others. Ken is passionate around men’s issues, and a member of the Men’s Focus Group comprising men working in this field across Perth. Ken volunteers for the Circle of Men, visiting nursing homes and engaging with resident elderly men.

Ken promotes coaching as a fresh approach when engaging with men, where the focus is on helping men understand their possibilities as opposed to a therapeutic approach. Ken is passionate about supporting men in Western Australia and helping them become aware of the impact community support can have around suicide support and understanding.

Director & Company SecretaryLuke Bain

Luke Bain

Luke’s involvement in men’s health began when he took up a position as a men's health worker in the South Australian industrial city of Whyalla in 2006. He served as a member of the Executive of Men’s Health SA, and developed considerable media research and analysis expertise through his responsibility for the MHSA Media Watch portfolio.

Luke has been involved in research and evaluation in Primary Health Care - with a strong emphasis on social determinants of men's health. Recently he completed an Honours degree with the University of South Australia describing domestic violence programs working with male perpetrators in Australia.

Luke has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement, and has post graduate qualifications in both, Primary Health Care, and Research and Evaluation Methodology.

Another passion of Luke's is cricket where he coaches and administrates. In 2017 Luke was inducted as a Life Member of his beloved cricket club: Mt Lofty.


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Manager, Finance and Administration

John Franklin

John Franklin

In 2011, after 25 years in the freight industry, both in managerial roles in the corporate environment and in his own freight consultancy businesses.

During his time in the corporate environment John spent many years training both in the induction process and as part of implementing a Quality System to ISO regulations.

As an owner/operator of numerous small businesses, John has extensive knowledge of processing, recording and monitoring all facets of the financials in the business environment.

John joined with Anthony Smith to develop a program for unemployed men over 45 years of age. Through first-hand experience, he has witnessed the significant challenges facing mature aged men - both in achieving employment and in dealing with difficult issues of day to day life. John is strongly motivated to assist men facing these challenges.

John’s financial management role with AIMHS is of key importance to all its programs and to its reputation as a respected not-for-profit institution.




National Program Manager – MenswatchAnthony Smith

Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith has established a national profile in men's issues across men's health, suicide prevention and re-employment for mature-aged men. He is currently an Industry Partner for the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Suicide Prevention (CRESP). He has previously been the NSW State delegate to SPA.

Anthony has authored and co-authored several Papers and Reports on men and suicide including the 'Pathways to Despair: a study of male suicide (aged 25-44)' report and 'Men, Unemployment and Suicide' in the 2013 Mental Health Reform document 'Obsessive Hope Disorder'.

In June 2011, Anthony was a Keynote Speaker at the South Korea LifeLine Conference on Suicide Prevention - Community Networks referring to the achievements of the Suicide Safety Network from the Central Coast of NSW. In 2013 Anthony organised the federally funded Pilot 45 + Program for re-employment support for mature-aged men. The independent evaluation recommends a national roll-out of the program.


Men's Health Educators:

Stephen Toon

Stephen Toon

Stephen has extensive experience as a trainer and presenter having developed and delivered a range of male health, preventative mental health, suicide prevention, and personal development programs which have been taken up by government, NGOs, and the corporate sector.

Stephen was responsible for the state-wide rollout of the highly successful Men in Community Program which was awarded the South Australian government, Dr Margaret Tobin Award for Excellence in Community Mental Health Education. Through his private international coaching practice, Coaching Solutions for men, Stephen has worked with men across four continents.

Stephen has been a pioneer in the field of men’s health promotion, and was a founding director of the Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies.

Arguably one of Australia’s most experienced men’s health educators, Stephen is an engaging communicator who is available to present on many topics relevant to men’s health and wellbeing.

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Roger Fielke

Roger Fielke

Roger trained as a Psychiatric Nurse in 1981 in Beechworth Victoria. He is married with 3 children and has worked in a variety of clinical settings gaining a broad range of experience. He has worked in Victoria, South Australia and Northern Territory in Hospital ED’s, acute inpatient and forensic psychiatric facilities, Community Mental Health teams, Critical Incident Debriefing teams, Counsellor roles and in remote areas including East Arnhemland.

He has a diverse working history giving a broad range of life experience including time in the Navy, general aviation, plant propagation, organic farming, environmental and self sufficiency areas.

He has a particular interest in working with men of all ages including indigenous men, especially those in rural and remote areas, and with a focus on their roles as husbands and fathers. He has also been instrumental in the introduction of several Men’s Sheds in the Riverland.

Using a range of therapeutic approaches his main focus is on assisting people in learning new ways of thinking and behaving to enhance their quality of life and relationships.

His other interests include family, hunting and camping, competition Western Action Shooting, outback/4WD travel, music, dancing and home projects in the shed.

He is a member of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses, and is an AIMHS Accredited Clinician.

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Research, Multi-media & Communications ConsultantNo Picture

Greg Andresen

Greg is a father of a young son and daughter. He is passionate about building a society that will provide equality of opportunity for both his children across all areas of life. His major areas of interest are boys' education and rites of passage, family violence, fatherhood, men’s health and media representations of males.

Greg has edited the Men’s Health Australia website (including a research and media liaison role) since its 2007 foundation. He has worked as Senior Researcher for the One in Three Campaign supporting male victims of family violence since its commencement in 2009. Also since 2009 he has acted as Australian Liaison for the National Coalition for Men (a US educational organisation that raises awareness about the ways sex discrimination affects men and boys).

During the period 2004-08 Greg worked as Committee Member with the Australasian Men’s Health Forum, the Lone Fathers Association (South Australia), the Men’s Information & Support Centre and the Man Alive! Men’s Health and Wellbeing Festival. He was Researcher, Producer and Presenter for the Dads on the Air radio program and a member of the Health in Men Reference Group with Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Greg has also worked since 1994 in the area of information technology, running a tech support and training consultancy as well as building and maintaining numerous websites.


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New Male Studies An International Journal:

NMS Executive Board:


Editor-in-ChiefDennis Gouws

Dr Dennis Gouws PhD







Emeritus Editor-in-ChiefProfessor Miles Groth

Professor Miles Groth







Assistant EditorJohn Ashfield

Dr John Ashfield PhD







Production Editor Gary Misan

Dr Gary Misan PhD







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