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Statement of Purpose

Key Foci & Activities



The Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies is a not-for-profit non-government organisation, established to pursue and promote excellence in the fields of male health and male studies, through: education, publishing, symposia, forums of discussion, programs of male health and mental health promotion, mentoring, consultancy, and support for undergraduate and post-graduate students.

The AIMHS has a multidisciplinary focus, and is committed to developing productive collaborative relations with other likeminded organisations and institutions in Australia and overseas.

Discussion of gender in the last half century has often been characterised by a polarization of the sexes; making it very difficult to engage with issues of vital importance to healthy interpersonal and social relationships. Gender ideology - and reactions against it, all too often have not only curtailed possibilities of dialogue and reason, but have sidelined crucial informative evidence.

The AIMHS recognises the need to pursue a different approach to gender issues; one open to constructive dialogue, and guided by: available evidence  of a range of different academic disciplines, consideration of both men’s and women’s particular cultural experience and circumstances, and the indispensable contribution both genders make to the quality and viability of family and community life.

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Statement of Purpose

The Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies was created to pursue improved health and wellbeing outcomes for men and boys through innovative initiatives, programs and activities, those endeavouring to effect institutional and societal change, as well as those of immediate practical importance and benefit.  In its commitment to this pursuit, the AIMHS is guided by principles of equity, intellectual integrity, and a view of human experience, society, and ethics that is inseparable from biological, psychological, and cultural realities.

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Key Foci and Activities:


Conducting male health and male studies education – valuing multi-disciplinary knowledge and available sources of evidence, in an endeavour to inform, challenge, and equip men and women in their academic, vocational, and practical roles in relation to men and boys.


Production of a peer reviewed online open access international scholarly journal, covering the broad discipline of male studies, and available to inform academic, professional, vocational, practical, and personal interests of readers.

Publishing scholarship and literature related to and informing the field of male studies, in the form of books, monographs, and briefer works of merit.

Symposia and conferences

Conducting symposia and conferences to enhance knowledge, collaboration of international male studies colleagues, and exploring themes that draw attention to important contemporary issues of male health and wellbeing.

Forums of discussion

Conducting and moderating online discussion forums for members to explore and exchange ideas germane to male issues, experience, and wellbeing, and pursuant to the development of the new field of male studies.

Programs of male health and mental health promotion

Applying a social determinants and prevention approach to enhancing male health and mental health, cognisant of and grounded in the lived experience of males – experience inseparable from consideration of: biological reality, men’s roles dictated by cultural materialism and demands, and embedded attitudes and assumptions about males in the mass media and popular culture, and reflected in the policies and practices of social institutions.


Providing support and mentoring to men and women: interested in the field of male studies and endeavouring to grapple with its concepts, ideas, and complexities; wanting to respond more effectively in their vocational role to the needs and issues of men and boys.


Providing expertise in the field of male studies, encompassing: male health – including physical and mental health, policy development, research design, education, and professional development. This service is available for individuals, groups, and institutions, both online (email, videoconferencing, & real time chat facilities) and in person. Expertise is provided by a range of accomplished international scholars and practitioners.

Support for undergraduate and post-graduate students

Providing support to University and College Men’s Centres in USA, Australia, and Europe, and, New Male Studies Post Graduate Associates, male groups concerned with the exchange of ideas, mutual support, promoting communication and knowledge of male experience, and engaging with the new discipline of male studies.

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