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Suicide Prevention in Australia - New Language for a New Approach

27 02 2017

The new terminology challenges the language of ‘disorder’ and ‘illness’. Key new language includes situational distress, circumstantial distress and low and high intensity mental health difficulty.

‘The  language  used  in  the  field  of  mental  health  has  serious  negative  implications  for  the  wellbeing  of  patients  and  clients,’ explains Dr Ashfield. ‘And it  simply  won’t  do  for  mental health professionals to shrug this off because it is the accepted  language  of  a  dominant  paradigm  embedded  in and accepted by mental health institutions’.

The new documents can be found at:

‘First, Do No Harm’ Challenging the Status Quo of ‘Mental Health’ & Suicide Prevention

Clarification of Some Key Terms and Definitions in Suicide Prevention [National Guidelines – Suicide Prevention For Males – 2017]

Dr Ashfield has also written a new book -

Mental Health for Men - Common problems / practical solutions

Information about this book can be found here